OceanApart Technologies Privacy Policy OceanApart Technologies, Inc. (“OceanApart Technologies”, “our”, “we”, us) offers a Privacy Policy committed to shielding your data from abuse. Our Privacy Policy is as a result during the period for which it is posted. New Privacy Policies will apply to resulting employments of OceanApart Technologies’s administrations, with legitimate warning sent to clients of OceanApart Technologies. 

Utilization of OceanApart Technologies by making a record is agree to this Privacy Policy. Our information is put away on servers in the United States and your consent to this Privacy Policy is an understanding that your data may move to the US.


  • Use and Gathering of Information and Data: Visiting OceanApart Technologies triggers record keeping of your exercises on the Website. Record creation requires data that makes you recognizable to us. This information comes about because of checking the Website. Such information accumulation tries our data conveyance endeavors progressively successful. We maintain whatever authority is needed to get in touch with you about OceanApart Technologies. In the event that you feel a specific sort of correspondence from OceanApart Technologies is never again reasonable, you will have an alternative to withdraw by means of an email connect or by reaching unsubscribe@OceanApart Technologies.com.

  • Enrollment Information Provision: Registering on OceanApart Technologies as either a “Customer” or “Tech” qualifies the client for more prominent access and utilization of OceanApart Technologies. Records are restrictive after giving required information as referenced in the separate sign up forms. OceanApart Technologies won’t sell this data.

  • Tech Profiles: Techs have extra chances to give supplemental data that improves Clients’ comprehension of their abilities and administrations. We claim all authority to alter data introduced that doesn’t agree to our “Terms and Conditions.” We maintain whatever authority is needed to track this data. OceanApart Technologies won’t sell this data.

  • Input: OceanApart Technologies may once in a while ask its Users how it is performing, or their enthusiasm on administration development. We claim an authority to contact Users of OceanApart Technologies with data gave to OceanApart Technologies.

  • Money related Data: OceanApart Technologies utilizes PayPal for monetary exchanges and doesn’t store your budgetary record data other than authoritatively enlisted email delivers joined to PayPal accounts.

Identifiable INFORMATION

  • Utilization Patterns: OceanApart Technologies screens utilization of its site all in all. Measurements incorporate programs, working framework, ISP, driving URLs, and your geographic area. We don’t utilize this information to recognize you and these measurements upgrade understanding use designs on OceanApart Technologies and give a topographically important encounter.

  • Storable Cookies: OceanApart Technologies gathers data from treats. Treats are little documents put away on your PC allowed to every client. These are previews of data, for example, inclinations. Treats are ordinarily utilized with most sites to recollect client inclinations or track utilization of a site.

  • Minors: We do no gather by and by recognizable data of those under 18 years old. On the off chance that somebody under 18 has set up a record at OceanApart Technologies, it would be ideal if you give data to support@OceanApart Technologies.com.



  • Customer to Tech: We furnish contact data of Clients with issues, to Techs. Customers maintain whatever authority is needed to indicate their strategy for contact, and this wo exclude a telephone number or physical location except if determined by the Client. Information doesn’t move to Techs except if indicated by Clients. As indicated, data you submit in connection to a tech-issue moves to Techs so they may offer on your concern. There will be cases where you have indicated that solitary certain Techs approach this data, and just those Techs will get your tech-issue data for offering.

  • Tech to Client: Techs share data posted in their open profile. All data outfitted here by the Tech reflects acknowledgment of offering this data to OceanApart Technologies’s clients.

  • Sharing our Information: Financial, facilitating, and following data produced by OceanApart Technologies is put away by outsider administrations, for example, Amazon, Google, and PayPal. We share your data to the degree to make their administrations conceivable, and don’t permit use for advertising or as a clearance of this data to these gatherings.

  • Law Enforcement: OceanApart Technologies conforms to law implementation and legitimate substances with ward over our exercises. We save attentiveness to impart your data to fitting lawful specialists as legitimately approved by those specialists.

  • Business Control: You will have the chance to expel yourself from any trade among OceanApart Technologies and a subsequent controlling substance if another Privacy Policy contrasts from OceanApart Technologies’s strategy. We maintain whatever authority is needed to impart data to organizations constrained by OceanApart Technologies.

  • Interfacing with Third-Party Sites: OceanApart Technologies incorporates with web based life to give an approach to publicize that you need a help on OceanApart Technologies or that you are giving an assistance on OceanApart Technologies. You have power over this data. OceanApart Technologies’s default is to expect you wish to share this data, however you can quit before sharing data to an outsider site with which you have a record.